Turn data into insights

Generate data intelligence and make informed decisions with automated KPIs.

Stay on top of your general operations

Conveniently view Key Performance Indicators on your:

  • Volume of shipments handled per week, month, or year

  • Container capacity remaining with each carrier or forwarder

  • Account balances and outstanding accounts


Keep track of your internal performance


Easily review:

  • Time spent on each task
  • Amount of work completed by each team member
  • Number of containers managed by each person

Track the performance
of your partners

These KPIs allow you to identify partners that offer you the best ROI according to their :

    • Respect for volume commitments
    • Response time
    • Availability
    • ETA versus actual time of arrival
    • Detention and Demurrage management
    • Other customized indicators according to your business needs

*All KPIs are produced organically, creating 100% reliable data.

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"BuyCo uses latest technologies to simplify, secure and optimise shipping container management."

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"BuyCo uses the latest technologies to simplify, secure and optimize container shipping management"

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