Make containers shipping easy with Buyco Cloud Platform

Take control of your containers shipping operations from end to end. With Buyco, you’ll streamline your shipping operations with reliability, everyday collaboration and data intelligence

Operational efficiency



Plug & play

Operational Tool

Contract management
Contracts overview, commitments, available options, space availability guaranty.

Define your needs and make a reservation with any shipping company. The reservation will be confirmed directly within the tool.

Shipment Templates
Register your templates with your usual requirements for avoiding repetitive tasks.

Shipment tracking
Constantly follow up your containers at any stage of your transportation route. Precisely, follow up your containers’ move at any stage and in real time throughout your transportation file.

Automated notifications
Receive automated notifications for delays and deviations compared to the initial plan (delays, missed documents, unexpected stops, …).

Tool for a better collaboration

Communication Hub
Share the same source of information and bring everyone onto the same page for any shipment file.
Invite participants and communicate with your coworkers and partners.
Assign tasks to people and partners and follow up the shipping file throughout the process.

Available documents
Access all your documents for any done and ongoing transports.
Make easy request to your team and your partners for specific documents needed at any stage of the shipping process from the origin certificate to customs documents and packing list. Great care for confidentiality. Upload all useful documents (invoice, quality control picture, multiple certificates, letter of credit …).

Increased visibility into your supply chain

Intuitive reporting
Overview on your past and ongoing shipments.

Carriers and partners’ performance evaluation and relevant key performance indicators (timing, volumes, reactivity, quality service).  

Plug and play solution

Easy connection

You and your partners are easily connected with a simple email address since the solution is a cloud-based one.

Immediate launch

The initial settings with the shipping carriers and first bookings are done in few days.

Complimentary Systems

Our solution is a plug and play solution. And if requested, easily integrated with your system with API in order to avoid any double entry.