Paving the way for Maritime Transport 2.0: BuyCo

BuyCo is revolutionizing the exchanges between worldwide maritime transport actors by streamlining all communication and interaction between freight forwarders, carriers and shippers through its online, integrated platform. At its original conception, the platform was used exclusively by freight forwarders but has now expanded to include importers and exporters alike.

The future of maritime transport

Launched two years ago, the start-up BuyCo was created in response to the non-transparency that tends to dominate the International Trade container market. BuyCo is proud to offer a unique, innovative, and centralized solution by connecting worldwide agents in maritime shipping, saving them both time and money.

According to Carl Lauron, BuyCo’s founder, “In a sector where basic communication between actors can be as voluminous and complicated as two hundred emails per shipment, our platform provides a tool where every piece of information is centralized, streamlined, and simplified. Key processes, from searching for the best maritime trades, the optimum pricing per carriers, the exact containers tracking and the payments follow up becomes intuitive thanks to our data structure document management. Every operator is earning around one and three hours per file.”

An impact felt on an international scale


BuyCo’s platform originally exclusively concentrated on connecting freight forwarders together, enabling them to measure up to the giants dominating the market. In an effort to expand, this platform is now open to importers and exporters as well, thus creating a truly comprehensive and transparent supply chain solution.

The collaborative platform has already been introduced in over thirty countries, including China, India, and the United States. It offers a complete follow-up to every transport operation with full transparency of maritime flow. Truly in a class of its own, BuyCo has established itself as the only solution that allows International Trade actors to work on a uniquely collaborative platform, all while optimizing supply chain management.

About BuyCo

BuyCo is a start-up company based in Marseille, France founded two years ago by Carl Lauron, the previous Vice President of Innovation of CMA CGM. Some of BuyCo’s notable shareholders include the former global CEO of DHL Freight Forwarding and an administrator of AMADEUS. Aware of the current and growing digital demands in the shipping industry, BuyCo connects every actor of the supply chain (from freight forwarders, shippers, to carriers) by using a unique file-transport communication system. Their online platform facilitates efficient communication between all parties and has now been used by more than fifty members in thirty countries.


BuyCo numérise le transport maritime

BuyCo, start-up marseillaise, ouvre le shipping au numérique

BuyCo, start-up marseillaise, ouvre le shipping au numérique