Container TMS for the Chemical Supply Chain
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Container TMS for the Chemical Supply Chain

Explore the top Container TMS for streamlined chemical supply chain management: Handle large container volumes, enforce workflows, and ensure timely deliveries to keep your supply chain on track

The Challenge of the Chemical Supply Chain

For everything to flow smoothly, you need a fool-proof system that ensures all parts of the container lifecycle are managed correctly and on time, workflows are being followed, and proper documentation is in place.

The chemical supply chain involves many stakeholders and moving parts. This leads to a series of unique challenges ranging from container shipping planning to operational visibility and control. Polymer substances are often shipped in large volumes and some hazardous chemicals are subject to strict compliance regulations.

In order to do this efficiently, stakeholders should have a tool to collaborate, centralize shipping operations, streamline planning and route selection, automate repetitive tasks, and increase visibility.


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Master Your Container Shipping With BuyCo

BuyCo brings all internal and external partners involved in the chemical supply chain onto a single platform.

It centralizes shipment management, encourages collaboration, automates booking processes and document management and more.

The platform helps transport teams overcome the complexities associated with the chemical supply chain, improve efficiency, reduce shipping costs and maintain end-to-end visibility over container movement.

Collaborate better with the members of your supply chain

BuyCo provides easy access to live tracking data from carriers and makes it easier to collaborate and coordinate plans with freight forwarders, partners, logistics partners and end customers.

Simplify container shipping management

With BuyCo, you can automate several processes involved with document generation and management. It also simplifies and streamlines the planning, scheduling and booking process by allowing shippers to access and compare rates and schedules by multiple carriers on a single platform.

This saves time and lowers the administrative burden.

Increase your visibility to make better, faster decisions

Real-time visibility over container movement and timely alerts to exceptions helps shippers react faster to minimize the impact of disruptions.

Further, BuyCo provides insightful reports into various KPIs that help shippers identify opportunities for improvement. 

How TotalEnergies Lubricants Improved Efficiency with BuyCo

“Since the BuyCo platform can be shared with all parties; our teams, customs agents, warehouses, affiliates and final customers can easily work together in one place.”

— Maryline Potier, Total Export Logistics Manager

Frequently asked questions

What is the chemical supply chain?

The chemical supply chain spans a series of processes that take raw and finished chemical products from manufacturers to end-users. It involves the production, storage, transportation and distribution of chemicals required in industries such as healthcare, agriculture, etc. The supply chain can be quite complex with multiple suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, etc. and varying quantities.

How do you improve the chemical supply chain?

The chemical supply chain is subject to numerous regulations, involves multiple parties and potential disruptions triggered by economic and geopolitical factors. To improve this supply chain, shippers need tools that simplify planning, automate processes, make communication transparent and provide visibility over the complete process. Bringing all the supply chain players and processes onto a central platform can help achieve this.

What is chemical supply chain management?

Managing the flow of goods from one stage of the supply chain to another is known as chemical supply chain management. This involves coordinating inventory levels and shipping schedules, selecting appropriate containers and routes that meet delivery timelines in the most cost-effective way, complying with domestic and international regulations and more to ensure that cargo is transported and stored safely and made available wherever it is required at the right time.

How do you increase visibility in the chemical supply chain?

Chemical supply chain partners need to be able to track product movement and have a clear view of linked supply chain activities and inventory levels at all times. To increase visibility, supply chain managers must have access to live tracking data that tells them where a container is at any given point of time. They also need to get early alerts for potential disruptions and actionable information that can be used to react quickly.

How do you improve collaboration in the chemical supply chain?

Relying on email communication and manually updated excel sheets to manage shipping information can result in information being lost along the way. Instead, supply chain managers can use a digital platform like BuyCo that brings all the involved parties together. Information and documents can be exchanged centrally so that everyone is on the same page. This eases collaboration and minimizes the risk of delays and misunderstandings caused by lost information.

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