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Maximize Performance With Reporting & Analytics

Understand the performance and health of your maritime supply chain to make improvements in your execution and achieve your goals.

Increase data intelligence through container shipping KPIs

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Centralize data coming from your teams, carriers and partners to access essential reports, analytics, and KPIs over your operations.

  • Track contracts and allocations globally
  • Get instant data over shipment volumes
  • Check CO2 emissions
  • Measure overall performance

Turn Data into Insights

Make data accessible and understandable so that your teams and partners can have the visibility they need over their operations.

  • Access all data in easy-to-understand reports
  • Make your own personalized reports
  • Share reports with specific users and collaborators
Improve customer satisfaction with container shipping
Increase data intelligence through container shipping KPIs

Measure the Performance of Your Supply Chain

Identify strengths and weaknesses in your supply chain so you can practically find areas to improve and optimize your operations.

  • View carrier performance
  • Evaluate partner performance
  • Measure internal performance
  • Track detention and demurrage

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