Container TMS for the Manufacturing Supply Chain
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Container TMS for the Manufacturing Supply Chain

Explore the top Container TMS for streamlined mining & materials supply chain management: Automate container shipping management, reduce shipping costs, and collaborate more efficiently

The Challenge of the Manufacturing Supply Chain

In light of this, shippers need to ensure efficient and cost-effective logistics.

As the manufacturing supply chain involves moving many pieces to achieve a finished product, freight volumes are usually large and may be moved between multiple destinations. 
To minimize the risk of delays and the impact they could have on the manufacturing line, shippers also need to maintain full visibility over the container supply chain.


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Master Your Container Shipping With BuyCo

By connecting all supply chain partners on a common platform, BuyCo makes shipment management and collaboration easier.

Shippers can compare rates and routes from multiple carriers side by side to select the best route for their cargo.

They can also automate document generation, centralize data management and access live container tracking data to maintain end-to-end control and visibility over the supply chain.

Collaborate better with the members of your supply chain

BuyCo connects all supply chain stakeholders; teams, freight forwarders, customers, etc. onto a common platform. It replaces the need for email communication by centralizing data and document sharing and storage.

This minimizes the risk of missing out on important information and ensures that everyone has access to the most up-to-date documents. Shippers can also share container tracking data with other supply chain partners to ensure timely delivery.

Simplify container shipping management

BuyCo gives shippers centralized access to data from 97% of all ocean carriers. Shippers can compare carrier schedules and routes to select the best route for their shipment and automate processes such as shipment planning and document generation to simplify operations.

Increase your visibility to make better, faster decisions

BuyCo gives shippers access to real-time container tracking data to alert them of possible disruptions with dynamic ETAs/ETDs. This allows shippers to act proactively and take measures to maintain their delivery timelines.

BuyCo also provides insightful reports and KPIs such as carrier and partner performance, allocations, CO2 emissions, etc. to improve performance with data-driven decisions

How Fujifilm Improved their Maritime Transportation Management and Customer Satisfaction

For us, BuyCo is a gain of visibility and an improvement of communication with our customers.

— Virginie Luron, Fujifilm Export Customer Service Manager

Frequently asked questions

What is the manufacturing supply chain?

The manufacturing supply chain begins with sourcing materials and facilitates the transportation through all the processing steps required to get a finished product to the customer. It involves partnering with multiple vendors for sourcing, production, packaging, transportation, warehousing and distribution.

How does the manufacturing supply chain work?

The manufacturing supply chain involves moving materials along multiple routes. The finished product for one process may be used as a material for the next. Once the different components have been assembled, the finished product is packaged for distribution and retail. Thus, along with transportation, managing documentation, inventory and warehousing are also important aspects of managing the supply chain.

How to improve the manufacturing supply chain?

Many stages of the manufacturing supply chain are interdependent. Thus, a delay in the delivery of one component may hold up the entire production cycle. Partnering with a shipment management platform like BuyCo helps improve visibility and control over the shipping operation to minimize such delays. It brings all the supply chain players onto a common platform. Shippers can compare carrier routes and choose the best schedule, manage documentation centrally and access real-time container tracking information to streamline supply chain management.

How to improve visibility in the manufacturing supply chain?

Maintaining visibility and control over the manufacturing supply chain begins with bringing all players onto a common platform like BuyCo. This makes it easier to request, share and store data and documents centrally and keep information from getting lost in email inboxes. BuyCo also provides access to real-time container tracking information and allows shippers to share this information with other parties.

What is manufacturing supply chain management?

Manufacturing supply chain management refers to managing the flow of materials in the form of components and finished products through the various stages of a manufacturing process. It involves coordinating inventory, transportation, warehousing, managing documentation, shipment scheduling and more.

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