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Reduce Shipping
Logistics Costs

Cut down your logistics costs through increased productivity, faster reactivity and stronger decision-making power

Multiply Productivity in container shipping

Earn more, faster

With BuyCo, companies increase productivity from 30% to 50%.

The increased work speed allows companies to reduce overtime pay. Repetitive tasks decrease, productivity increases, and more money is earned in less time.

Easy to use container shipping management software

Anticipate rather than react to issues

Reduce shipping logistics costs through container tracking and an effective notification system.

Being informed in advance of potential risks and issues allows you to anticipate and avoid problems for your business or your customers

Better manage your contracts

With real time KPIs related to your freight contracts, you are able to better monitor:

  • Real commitment volumes
  • Detention and demurrage time versus your free time and overtime
  • Respect of contractual commitments from carrier or forwarder (responsiveness, quality of information, etc)

This useful information also supports your negotiation with your partners or helps you select the partners who provide the best ROI.

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Increase data intelligence through container shipping KPIs
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Easy to use container shipping management software

Integrate in under 2 weeks

Improve Customer Satisfaction through logistics

Improve Customer Satisfaction

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