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Because transport teams want to spend less time managing freight and more time caring about their customers

What we do

BuyCo develops the leading Container Shipping Platform for ocean transportation. Designed for exporters and importers managing large volumes of containers, the SaaS platform connects to 97% of all ocean carriers to simplify, secure, and automate daily shipping tasks. BuyCo’s collaborative platform centralizes the members of the supply chain to streamline operations and provide all parties with smart visibility over container shipping.

Founded by experts in the maritime supply chain with over 80 years of combined experience, BuyCo is designed by a team of experts that know the ocean transportation industry best.

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Our Values

We hold strongly to our values. Each day at BuyCo, we try to stay focused on what truly matters to us:


Customer First

  • Work in a rigorous and reliable manner to fulfill prospects’ and customers’ expectations
  • Build client trust by consistently delivering on promises
  • Prioritize work to deliver responsive, impact-driven solutions to increase customer satisfaction
  • Analyse customers’ needs in depth to build solutions exceeding their expectations


  • Inspire others with a thirst for excellence in internal and external results
  • Be reliable to colleagues by Demonstrating a consistent, strong performance
  • Take initiatives; allow failures, growth and learning
  • Cherish personal life to boost performance in the long run


  • Carefully listen to colleagues’ viewpoints and value their opinion
  • Treat people with respect, whether there is agreement or not
  • Trust colleagues to achieve their goals
  • Encourage colleagues’ individual growth to improve BuyCo’s performance collectively


  • Challenge prevailing assumptions, seek pain points and look for root causes
  • Get inspiration from competitors and other industries to remain ahead of the game
  • Work towards creative, pragmatic and actionable ideas to deliver more value
  • Keep BuyCo agile by simplifying and minimizing complexity

Proven ROI for Global Enterprises

Total Saint Gobain AbinBev Renault Blue Whale
Saint-Gobain, entreprise française spécialisée dans la production, la transformation et distribution de matériaux
AB InBev - Buyco
Renault, constructeur automobile français
Blue Whale - Buyco


About 90% of the world’s goods are transported by ocean. Our mission is to innovate and push the realm of possibility to create healthy, secure and streamlined international trade worldwide. We are the first to combine visibility and automation for the container transportation sector. Our reliable, high-fidelity data intelligence and AI solutions, bring the industry best-in-class insights to make better, faster decisions.

BuyCo is the only solution on the market to automate shipment planning at mass, both for shippers and shipping partners. Innovation is at the core of what we do.

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BuyCo’s Global Presence

BuyCo Locations


Legal info

BuyCo is incorporated in France :
SIRET number: 81168419000010

Our headquarters are located at:
37 Boulevard Paul Peytral, 13006 Marseille, France

BuyCo lifestyle

Join our high-energy team for a dynamic, innovative experience.

We cultivate a supportive work environment where you can learn and grow along with us.

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