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Provide an Excellent Customer Experience

Encourage confidence and customer satisfaction by enhancing communication with your customers through the logistics process.

container shipping tracking

Offer your end customer
real-time updates

Let your customers be updated with tracking on shipments and documents so they can better manager their import operations.

  • Give customers access to real-time container tracking
  • Share reliable ETDs and ETAs with your customers
  • Let them be alerted with exceptions and delays

Live chat for fluid conversation

Improve customer satisfaction with live chat and organized communication.

  • Stay closer to your customers with live chat
  • Organize conversations per shipment
  • Avoid time consuming emails and phone calls


Communicate and collaborate effectively in your supply chain
container shipping tracking

Set up specific confidential settings

Your customers can only see the information you give them access to.

  • Give different rights to different customers
  • Create general user rights with special access
  • Share data and documents only with selected users
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