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Get Ready for Simple, Efficient Shipping Operations

Boost productivity by centralizing and simplifying container shipping operations. Manage your daily shipping operations directly with your carriers from one place.

let your logistics team compare and book shipping vessels

Improve the Vessel Search Process

Instead of searching for vessel schedules on different carriers’ websites, instantly search for all vessel schedules in one place.

  • Search all carriers’ vessel schedules with your tendered rates
  • Select the best route based on distance, rates, or ETA reliability
  • Find the most eco-friendly options based on CO2 emissions

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Streamline Booking Operations

BuyCo is connected to 97% of carriers, and integrates with your freight forwarders. Book directly and track the status of your shipments orders directly from the platform.

  • Book with any carrier directly from the BuyCo platform
  • Let all collaborators view and receive confirmation in one place
  • Be alerted on booking status changes and deviations
  • Easily manage Shipping Instructions and VGM

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Increase visibility in Container shipping
increase productivity in your maritime logistics team

Simplify AES US Export Filing

Connect to the AES system with BuyCo and automatically fills in the necessary cargo data that has already been collected for shipping instructions. Improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors, delays and possible penalties.

  • No double entry for AES: Save time on all declarations
  • Connect to AES and send declaration in one click
  • Checks and validations prior to submission to increase accuracy

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increase productivity in your maritime logistics team

Automate Your Shipping Operations

Perform shipping operation processes in mass and at scale to automate repetitive tasks and boost productivity.

  • Automate shipment planning and vessel selection
  • Automate booking requests
  • Automatically generate Shipping Instructions

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