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Container Shipping Platform to Support all Your US Exports Requirements in One Place

Effective export operations demand thorough preparation. Failing to strategize shipment plans by not incorporating sailing schedules, ERDs, and cut-off dates can lead to a rocky start in the supply chain. This can result in increased transportation costs, poor customer service, elevated inventory levels, and the need for more buffer stocks.

In addition, export operations are particularly complex to handle, becoming a burden for logistics teams.

BuyCo consolidates all necessary data for overseeing your exports in a centralized location. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive platform to digitalize and efficiently manage all shipping operations for exports:

  • Shipment planning with access to sailing schedules, ERDs, and cut-off dates
  • Shipment booking with connections to all shipping lines
  • Shipping instructions and VGM declaration management with control over document and VGM cut-off dates
  • Automated AES US Export filling connecting directly to CBP.
  • Collaborative document management at shipment level
  • Tracking containers at every milestone, including actual, estimated and predicted dates.

Shipment planning: Sailing schedules, ERDs, cut-off dates

BuyCo gathers crucial operational data like sailing schedules, Earliest Return Dates (ERDs), terminal cut-off dates, and document cut-off dates, which are essential for the seamless flow of container shipments.

Not only does BuyCo consolidate this information in one location, it leverages it to assist you in optimizing your shipment plans while considering all operational requirements. Utilizing its intelligent exception management features, BuyCo sends alerts when a shipment is at risk, such as in the event of an ERD change.

  • Access all your import data for streamlined shipment planning
  • Utilize BuyCo’s intelligent planning tools for route and carrier optimization while adhering to operational constraints
  • Receive notifications promptly if dates change to act swiftly and prevent additional cost

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Container booking: BuyCo is connected to Shipping lines and freight forwarders

Connect with 97% of carriers through BuyCo and seamlessly integrate with your freight forwarders. Easily book and monitor the status of your shipment orders directly from our platform.

  • Book with your carrier of choice directly on BuyCo
  • Enable all team members to access and receive confirmation in one centralized location
  • Stay informed of any changes or deviations in booking status
  • Manage your carriers allocations across all your 3PLs
increase productivity in your maritime logistics team
Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system

Shipping instructions and VGM declaration

BuyCo streamlines the management of maritime documents like shipping instructions and VGM declarations.
The cargo information is already stored in BuyCo and used when booking a shipment. It is seamlessly integrated from your ERP system, or from BuyCo templates, eliminating the need for any duplicate data entry.

Shippers can create SI and VGM workflows with listed document requirements and assign declarations to specific team members. Once the document is submitted, the task status on the dashboard is automatically set to “completed”.

Automated AES US Export filing

Reduce the time needed for AES Export filing. BuyCo collects, organizes, and verifies cargo information to adhere to EEI format guidelines.

With our certified connection to AES, you can simply submit your export filing from BuyCo with just one click.

  • Aggregates Electronic Export Information (EEI) to prepare filing
  • Certified connection through AES. Submission done in one click
  • Delivers an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) to all trade partners collaborating on the platform
  • ITN automatically completed in the shipping instructions


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let your logistics team compare and book shipping vessels
increase productivity in your maritime logistics team
Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system

Document management collaboration

Streamline your Maritime Document Management by eliminating unorganized, cluttered emails, and create a single, digital hub for all your container shipping documents. Ensure you have correct, accurate documents in-full and on-time, every time.

  • Request and Share Documents
  • Create Document Workflows
  • Automate deadlines and notifications according to ETD/ETA

Real time container tracking

Real-time container tracking from empty pickup to delivery. Stay informed of any exceptions for swift and informed decision-making.

A centralized location to provide intelligent visibility to your teams, partners and customers:

  • Track all containers milestones
  • Actual, estimated and predictive dates
  • Detect exceptions to limit extra costs such as D&D
  • Share container tracking information with your customers
tracking containers
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