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Increase Visibility in Your

Maritime Supply Chain

Expand your visibility in container shipping through collaboration and container tracking. Never miss a thing. Find all the information you need quick and easy.

Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system

Identify all the details of your shipment at a glance

Increase your visibility in container shipping operations by easily finding the information that you need:

  • Shipment details
  • Planning progress
  • Collaborators
  • Assigned tasks and owners

Stay up-to-date with
Container Tracking

Get full visibility over your shipments with real time container tracking, from door to door.

  • Access reliable ETD/ATDs & ETA/ATAs
  • Be notified on current and expected delays
  • Track containers on your warehouses & industrial sites
  • Customize which exceptions you want to be notified about

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Improve customer satisfaction with container shipping
Collaboration in your logistics supply chain

Access documents linked
to your shipment

Secure your operations with efficient, reliable document management processes.

  • View, share and request documents
  • Make sure all members are accessing the correct, updated version of each document
  • Personalize viewing rights
  • Set up document workflows and templates

Find all existing communication exchanged on your shipment

Don’t let information get lost in email. Turn your conversations into data insights with BuyCo.

  • Communicate with teams and partners directly on the shipment file
  • Access all conversations concerning a given shipment
  • Automatically save data as you perform tasks
  • View data from BuyCo in your TMS/ERP

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Communicate and collaborate effectively in your supply chain
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Multiply Productivity in container shipping

Multiply Productivity

Improve Customer Satisfaction through logistics

Increase data intelligence

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