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Alteo decreased emails by 80% with BuyCo

Learn how Alteo centralized the players of their supply chain into one place to automate daily operations, track shipments in real-time, and benefit from overall visibility.


Increase in Productivity


Reduction of Emails

Company overview

Alteo is a leader in the production of specialty alumina. They export from France and Asia to over 600 customers in 55 different countries

  • Cargo: Alumina
  • Shipping activity: Export
  • Turnover: $243 Billion
  • Employees: 500+

The Challenge

Since customer service is Alteo’s number one priority, they were looking for solutions to better serve their customers. They were lacking the visibility they needed over their operations to be able to offer the quality of customer service they desired. Their after-sales service team was buried by emails and unable to provide their customers with the most up-to-date information on their shipments. Converting an order into a delivery took Alteo time due to all the required steps, and lead time was extended when exceptions arised. These time consuming tasks were having an effect on their delivery performance


Alteo was hoping to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase productivity and speed up delivery time
  • Reduce emails and better organize information
  • Improve customer satisfaction

The Solution

Alteo implemented BuyCo to bring more visibility into their operations and offer the best service possible for their customers. By automating tasks and optimizing collaboration, Alteo plans and prepares shipments for their customers faster than ever before. Since all information and real-time container tracking is instantly found on BuyCo, Alteo can now respond to any question about a customer’s shipment within seconds. With BuyCo’s centralized notification center, Alteo is instantly informed with exceptions from their partners or shipping lines, allowing them to adjust quickly and offer a quick, seamless service.

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25% Increase in Productivity

By automating tasks, Alteo’s team was able to eliminate many of their repetitive tasks and human errors, allowing them to plan shipments faster.

80% Reduction of Emails

By centralizing their communication into one organized platform, Alteo was able to greatly reduce time spent writing and looking for emails. They now find information instantly on BuyCo.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By giving their customers a special access portal in BuyCo, they are able to access information sooner to prepare their documents and import declaration. They also have real‑time tracking and ETA of their cargo.

“BuyCo’s digital collaborative platform allows us to make faster and more reliable decisions since we all share the latest information. Now, we are able to respond to our customers quickly which contributes to better satisfaction.”

Frédéric Buchère,
Alteo Chief Customer Officer

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