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How TotalEnergies Improved Efficiency

Learn how TotalEnergies drive their container shipping operations in a simple and efficient manner with BuyCo



Company overview

TotalEnergies is one of the top petrochemical manufacturers in the world. They have over 120 refining and chemical sites in five different continents.

  • Cargo: Petrochemicals
  • Shipping activity: Export
  • Turnover: +$200 Billion
  • Employees: +100,000
  • Freight Forwarders: +15
  • BuyCo Scope: 5 production sites
  • Shipping destinations: +100

The Challenge

TotalEnergies found themselves in an extremely complex supply chain. They use over 15 different forwarders to manage their operations involving numerous production sites and destinations around the world. With so many players involved, their communication was spread out across multiple platforms and stashed away in emails. Retrieving information and documentation across these channels was tedious and time consuming. Once their shipment was at sea, updates took time to be relayed from one organization to another, and they were not able to react to exceptions as quickly as needed.


TotalEnergies was searching for a solution to achieve the following goals:
■ Coordinate better with their freight forwarders
■ Increase visibility into their operations and tracking at sea
■ Reduce clutter and hard-to-find data

The Solution

Instead of sourcing information from multiple freight forwarders, TotalEnergies chose BuyCo to gather all their container shipping data and communication into one place. Since they now have access to the latest data and documentation through an organized information sharing system, they can easily find all the information they need in one glance on their BuyCo dashboard. They no longer need to spend time looking through emails, checking for updates on multiple websites, or creating Excel spreadsheets; they now drive their activity in a simple and efficient manner with BuyCo’s shipment management, document organization, and container tracking.


Improved Collaboration with forwarders

By organizing all their communication and document sharing into one place, TotalEnergies was able to smoothly coordinate with their freight forwarders and receive the most up-to-date information.

Increased on-time deliveries

With alerts coming directly through BuyCo from all their shipping lines, TotalEnergies and their partners are all able to react to exceptions and quickly adjust to increase on-time deliveries.

Easy access to reliable, real-time data

By having a complete source of data directly from their 15+ forwarders and all their shipping lines, TotalEnergies now has trustworthy information. They are now able to make faster and stronger decisions.

Reduced carrier costs

With reports over the performance of their carriers, TotalEnergies is able to identify the most cost effective carriers, ask their forwarders to book those more often, and reduce carrier costs.

Reduced CO2 emissions

With precise CO2 reports, they are able to track their emissions, select more eco-friendly carriers and reduce their carbon footprint.

© TotalEnergies

“The easy use of the BuyCo platform and the helpfulness of the BuyCo support team, made it clearly the best choice for our operations. Collaboration with our forwarders has never been better.”

Maryline Potier, Export Logistics Manager

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