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Platform Overview

BuyCo’s collaborative platform centralizes the members of the supply chain to enhance visibility, increase control, and simplify container management so you can spend less time managing ocean freight and more time caring about your customers.

Centralizing Your Maritime Supply Chain Has Never Been Easier


API driven and connected to your stack: ERP / SAP / TMS, to transfer data instantly and automatically


of global ocean carriers are connected, streaming live data in real time to one single platform


forwarders and booking agents are already connected to improve collaboration and reliability with your partners

Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system


Drive All Your Maritime Operations From One Digital Hub

Execute all your shipping operations from one place to gain more visibility and control over your processes or coordinate better with your Freight Forwarders. Streamline responsibilities in the container lifecycle, from vessel scheduling and booking to shipment planning.

Automate Your Operations

Automate your container shipping operations to increase your productivity even more. Let BuyCo search and select the best schedules for you according to your goals. Send booking requests automatically in bulk and at scale. Automate shipping document generation.

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Make Sure Documents
Are Accurate And On Time,
Every Time

Document errors no longer exist with BuyCo. Welcome an intelligent way to handle ocean transportation documents and create personalized document workflows. Follow a process that ensures you have correct, accurate documents in-full and on-time, every time.

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Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system
Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system


Get Unparalleled Visibility With World-Class Container Tracking

React faster to exceptions and prevent exceptions even before they occur. Track containers in real time from door to door and keep all parties updated with the status of your containers. Access the most reliable ETDs and ETAs on the market with live, reliable, multi-sourced data.

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Capture Critical Insights
Into Your Operations

Get the insights you need into every aspect of your operations to make better, faster decisions. Take advantage of smart reports and KPIs to understand your flows and improve your performance. Track internal, carrier, and partner performance to optimize productivity and cost efficiency.

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Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system
Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system


Improve Container Operations at Your Sites and Warehouses

Track your containers inland from door to door. Get visibility into your on-site container flows to reduce detention costs and trucking claims. Automate on-site processes to increase security, productivity, and reliability.

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Say Hello To Seamless
Supply Chain Collaboration

Bring your teams, partners and forwarders together to facilitate collaboration and increase efficiency. Provide visibility to all parties so they can work more effectively as a whole. Include your customers to keep close contact and improve the customer experience.

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Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system
Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system


Access The Most Reliable,
Accurate Data On The Market

Create a reliable foundation for your decisions. Centralize real-time data coming directly from 97% of all ocean carriers to get the fastest, most accurate data. Cross check carrier data with other sources to enhance accuracy even more.

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Integrate Ocean Freight With
The Rest of Your Supply Chain

BuyCo is an 100% API driven platform. You can easily connect BuyCo’s data with your stack to transfer data instantly and automatically between your systems and teams. Integrate your maritime operational data with your ERP, SAP, TMS, Freight Forwarder TMS, and more.

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Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system

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