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Platform Overview

We help transport teams spend less time managing ocean freight so they can spend more time caring about their customers.

Buyco — Collaborate Better Supply Chain

Designed for exporters and importers managing large volumes of containers, the BuyCo SaaS platform connects to 97% of all ocean carriers to simplify, secure, and automate daily shipping tasks.

BuyCo’s collaborative platform centralizes the members of the supply chain to streamline operations and provide all parties with smart visibility over container shipping.

Get Door to Door Container Visibility

Track containers in real time, access reliable ETDs / ETAs, and be notified with exceptions at sea

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Accelerate Shipping Operations

Easily automate, schedule, book and plan shipments in one place to boost productivity

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Manage Documents and workflows

Welcome an intelligent way to handle ocean transport documents, and create personalized workflows

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Control Transportation with Reporting & Analytics

Take advantage of insightful reports and KPIs to improve your performance and decision making

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Let All Supply Chain Members Collaborate in One Place

Bring together your teams, partners and forwarders to facilitate collaboration and increase efficiency

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Reliable Data is Key to Improve your Performance

Get access to high-fidelity, multi-sourced data and build a reliable foundation for your decisions

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Integrate Ocean Freight with your Supply Chain

Link BuyCo to your ERP/TMS with an API, and connect directly with your ocean carrier through an EDI

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