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Supply Chain Control Tower

More than mere container tracking, BuyCo’s Control Tower tracks exceptions and potential risk over all shipment stages including booking, documents, container tracking, and more.

Monitor Every Stage of your Shipment Lifecycle

With widgets, you and your teams can select what areas you want to be notified about to ensure a smooth and efficient supply chain

Operations Monitoring

Save time and react faster by instantly identifying areas that need attention:

  • Be alerted with delays in scheduling, planning, or booking
  • Get informed of carrier shipment splits to better prepare import operations
  • Be notified if booking confirmation does not correspond to booking request, if booking has been amended, if export filing has been rejected, etc.
Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system

Document and Task Monitoring

Make sure documents are on time, every time:

  • Identify documents that require attention, for example if a BL has not been provided 3 days after vessel departure
  • Be notified when documents are late or incomplete
  • Better collaborate on exceptions concerning BL, custom clearances, VGM, SI, etc

Ocean Freight Tracking

Access real-time container tracking and notifications directly from your carriers to respond swiftly to exceptions:

  • Predict potential risk to be prepared for exceptions before they occur
  • Be alerted if a container has not been picked up at POD to avoid demurrage costs
  • Notify customers of late departures or arrivals to offer a better service
Collaborate effectively with a shipping management system

Supply Chain Control Tower — FAQ

What is a supply chain control tower?

A supply chain control tower can be described as a personalized digital dashboard to access data and track metrics and activities along your supply chain. This end-to-end visibility helps organizations understand and prioritize the resolution of critical issues. In turn, this helps maintain delivery timelines and provide good customer experiences.

What does a supply chain control tower do?

A supply chain control tower provides organizations end-to-end visibility over container movement at all stages of the supply chain. A good supply chain control tower should be able to predict disruptions and provide real-time insights to respond quickly, make collaborative data sharing easier and automate repetitive tasks with AI-powered tools to streamline operations.

How to build a supply chain control tower?

The key steps to building supply chain control towers are:

  1. Identify key processes to be covered by the supply chain control tower
  2. Prioritize business objectives
  3. Onboard all supply chain players
  4. Develop a response strategy to various situations
  5. Program tools to provide timely alerts to disruptions and respond accordingly.
What are the best supply chain control tower solutions?

The best supply chain control tower solutions are those that leverage data from the entire supply chain network and provide complete visibility and control over operations. Offering complete transparency, centralized controls and easy collaborative features, BuyCo is one of the top supply chain control tower solutions.

Why is a container shipping control tower different from a standard control tower?

While a standard control tower focuses on visibility, a container shipping control tower goes a step further to give you more control over the shipping operations. A container shipping control tower tracks exceptions and gives you timely alerts of the same and streamlines various stages of the supply chain such as booking and documentation.

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