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How Fujifilm improved their Maritime Transportation Management and Customer Satisfaction

Discover how Fujifilm adopted a digital solution to respond the supply chain's new challenges



Company overview

The Fujifilm Group provides products and services of Healthcare (Medical Systems, Consumer Healthcare, Supplement, Pharmaceuticals, Bio CDMO, and Regenerative Medicine), Materials (Advanced Materials, Graphic Systems & Inkjets, and Recording Media), and Imaging (Photo Imaging and Optical Device and Electronic Imaging).

  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
  • Turnover: 2.5 Billion Japanese Yen
    African Division of Fujifilm France Imaging:
  • Cargo: Mainly photographic paper
  • Shipping Activity: Export 
  • Booking Process: Via freight forwarder

The Challenge

The African Division of Fujifilm France Imaging sends daily shipments to their clients in Africa and manages high volumes of containers. Having to collaborate with several international stakeholders, their maritime transportation required complex coordination. They found themselves in a place where they were constantly responding to emails and trying to keep up with documents. These challenges would result in suboptimal efficiency as well as complications on their clients’ side. To top it off, Covid had hit and the team was experiencing difficulties to share updates with their customers about delays and departure confirmations for the scheduled vessels.


With a new digital solution, Fujifilm was hoping to achieve the following results:
■ Increase operational efficiency
■ Improve collaboration with their clients
■ Refine internal coordination

The Solution

The Fujifilm African Division selected the BuyCo Platform to manage their maritime operations. With BuyCo, they are able to invite all the actors of their supply chain, including clients, freight forwarders, shipping lines, to collaborate in one place. All information and documents are uploaded and automatically shared with all concerned parties. No matter whether a team member is working remotely, is off work, or on holidays, operations can continue as usual because the information is accessible to the rest of the team. With a digitized process, Fujifilm reduces the margin of error and secures their operations.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Fujifilm’s customers are more satisfied with the new digitized way of working. Shipping files are well organized, and all information is available at their fingertips.

Increased Efficiency

With BuyCo’s automation, Fujifilm’s team is able to complete more tasks in less time, reduce their number of emails, simplify tracking, and increase global visibility.

Enhanced Collaboration

With BuyCo’s intelligent information-sharing system, Fujifilm’s team no longer gets lost in countless emails and Excel sheets.

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“For us, BuyCo is a gain of visibility and an improvement of communication with our customers.”

Virginie Luron, Fujifilm Export Customer Service Manager

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