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How Snetor improved Collaboration and Container Shipping Management

Learn how Snetor turned to visibility and control to improve the performance of their Supply Chain with BuyCo



Company overview

Specializing in distribution and sales of plastic raw materials and chemical products in Africa, Europe, North and South America, Snetor Group is recognized as a leading actor in its field.
The Group is present in more than 100 countries with 30 offices and 90 logistic platforms worldwide.

  • Cargo: Plastics
  • Shipping activity: Export
  • Headquarters: Courbevoie, France
  • Turnover: €1.97 billion
  • Employees: 450
  • Booking process: Through freight forwarders

The Challenge

With high container volumes, Snetor’s complex maritime shipping operations entails thousands of shipments between multiple different continents, all with varying partners and workflows. With information spread across multiple different systems, emails, and freight forwarders, Snetor lacked the visibility and control they needed over their containers and operations. Thus, they set out to find a solution to streamline their processes internationally and increase efficiency throughout their organization.


With a Container Shipping Platform, Snetor was hoping to achieve the following results:
■ Improve efficiency and collaboration amongst their teams, forwarders, and carriers
■ Provide container tracking to their customers and improve customer service
■ Reduce shipping costs with better allocation management

The Solution

Snetor selected BuyCo as their Container Shipping Platform. Now, with BuyCo, all the players of their supply chain have a centralized place to collaborate, automate daily operations, share documents, and track shipments in real-time. Shipments go through a secure workflow to ensure every shipment is well organized and treated correctly. With this new streamlined process, Snetor is able to optimize the productivity of their current resources, do more work in less time, and bring more value to their customers.


Improved Collaboration

By collaborating with their partners on BuyCo, Snetor is able to have full visibility into the progress of their freight forwarders and the status of their shipments.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By giving their customers access to real-time container tracking, customers had all needed information at their fingertips and were more satisfied with Snetor’s service.

Reduced Shipping Costs

With BuyCo’s allocation management, tracking and reports, Snetor was able to get the most out of their allocations each year, for every carrier, and reduce shipping costs.

© Snetor

“In the past, we had to connect to several different systems, including the systems of our different companies and forwarders. Now, we have a single efficient tool, which drives all our operations and significantly simplifies our work.”

Eric Chavasset, Snetor Supply Chain Director

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